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Do you want to have the Saugus Cheer Calendar load onto your personal calendar, so you won’t have to enter any of the dates manually?


Here’s how to subscribe to Saugus Cheer Calendar onto your smart phone, tablet, or computer.


Apple or IOS Device:

Click on the link below:

You should receive the following message: "This website is trying to show you a calendar invite. Do you want to allow this?"  Choose "Allow"

Your calendar should open automatically and a list of Saugus Cheer events should show up.

In the upper right hand corner, click on "Add"

The Saugus Cheer calendar should  now be linked to your personal calendar.


2B.  If you’re using a Google phone and your calendar program needs an HTML link, use this link:


Now go to your calendar & check to see if it’s there!  If it isn’t, refresh your calendar (click on the word Calendar & swipe downwards to refresh) & look for a subscription calendar called saugushighschoolcheer.



If anyone has issues, please contact the web admin at

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