Access to Saugus Cheer Videos

In order to view the Saugus Cheer Video Tutorials, you must first create an account and be approved. Once you are approved, you should be able to sign into the Member's Only area and view the videos. 

Saugus Cheerleaders:

please use your Hart District email to signup for an account.

This will allow easy identification of Saugus High School Cheerleaders.

If you do not have one, use your parent's email that was given at the parent meeting (they will know which one they wrote down).

If an email is not recognized, access will not be approved.

Videos are in alphabetical order, within the following categories:

  • General Cheers

  • Offense Cheers

  • Defense Cheers

  • Band Dances

Videos also coincide with the cheer list.

There are a few cheers and chants that we do not have videos for.

The girls will be taught these by other cheerleaders.

For questions about the cheer program, contact Advisor & Head Coach Candace Rogers at


Contact web admin at


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