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The Saugus Cheer Program 


Cheer teams have been an integral part of any high school campus for many years.

Cheerleaders have long been associated with high school sporting events, showing school spirit and getting the crowd behind the team playing...cheering them onto a victory.Tumbling and team stunt building have become a very important part of performing and raising the spirit in the crowds.

This is sideline cheer.  

 However, there is another side of cheer, beyond sideline cheer, that has been emerging.

It is a side that demands athleticism. It is physically and mentally demanding, highly competitive, requires endurance, strength, communication and a strong team commitment from its participants. It is also a side that just completed its inaugural season during the 2017-18 school year, and is now recognized as a CIF sport.

This is the world of high school competition cheer.

Being a part of Saugus Cheer is something special. The Saugus Cheer Program is comprised of both Sideline Cheer and Traditional Competition Cheer. We are proud to say that we are the only high school in the Santa Clarita Valley to have successfully maintained both a sideline cheer program and a competitive cheer program, every year, for the past nine years.


Sideline Cheer Teams

Sideline cheer teams (or "game teams" as they may be called) will strive to boost school spirit, promote good sportsmanship and develop positive crowd involvement at Saugus High School sporting events, school rallies and other events/fundraisers. Sideline teams are crowd leading teams. Individuals on our sideline teams may NOT STUNT AT ALL, or they may be asked to perform Novice and/or Intermediate stunting. This is based upon the coaches determination of the cheerleader's ability for skills to be performed, with safety as the first priority. Tumbling will be permitted.


Our sideline teams are based on SKILL LEVEL & GRADE LEVEL and are comprised of the following:

  • Freshman - 9th graders only

  • JV - 10th graders only

  • Varsity - 11th & 12th graders only


Traditional Competition Cheer


Saugus High School Competitive Cheer Teams compete from early November through the end of February (dependent upon the schedules set forth by the competition associations). Competitions may be scheduled on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday. CIF does not allow cheer competitions on Sundays and requires the competition season to completed by the end of February. In some instances, competitions may be a 2-3 day event. This creates a very tight window for competitions to take place.


Members of the Saugus Cheer Competitive teams should plan on nearly every Saturday, from the beginning of November to the end of February, to consist of either a competition or a practice. It is not uncommon for a Saturday practice to be called at the last minute. As stated in the Saugus Cheerleading Handbook, all practices, games and events are MANDATORY.

Grade level does not determine what competition team a student will be placed onCompetition level the team is placed at, choreography, skill level of individuals and the positional needs of each team, will be determining factors as to what team a cheerleader may be placed on. As such, individuals may be moved from one team to another due to the needs of the team. This includes skill loss/gain, stunt position, injuries, or for what is best for the team, as a whole.


All team placement/movement, individual placement in each routine (stunt group placement, tumbling, etc.) and level of competition will be at the discretion of the Saugus Cheer coaches only.

Saugus Competition Teams are selected from Saugus Sideline cheerleaders, by the Saugus High School Cheer coaches, and are comprised of the following:

  • JV Competition: 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders

  • Varsity Competition: 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders


Tumbling is an integral part of our program. Just as other sports may encourage additional coaching/training outside of their regular season of sport (off season), individuals on Saugus Cheer are encouraged to sign up for and take tumbling classes at an outside gym, to prepare for a potential spot on Saugus Cheer and/or to improve their skills while a member of Saugus Cheer.  Skills take a long time to perfect. It is never too early to start tumbling...whether to learn, maintain or advance an individual's tumbling skills.

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