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College Scholarships

Scholarships for cheer or cheer-related programs (tumbling/acro-tumbling) are not easy to find, but they are out there and are becoming more common as competitive cheer becomes more widely viewed as a sport. Depending on the dedication your athlete wants to give to the sport in college, will determine where  you may want to begin your search for scholarships.


If you athlete is truly serious about competitive cheer in college, and the location does not matter, the best cheer scholarships will be found at colleges that have a history of winning competitions Colleges or universities that are known for sending highly competitive squads to dominate the competition will have the most money to award. These colleges  can be found by a simple search online of competitive cheer at the college level.



If your athlete has a specific college in mind that he/she wants to attend, the best thing to do would be to go to the website for the specific college/university itself and search what types of scholarships they offer. 


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