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UPDATE: 2022-23 Tryout Information

Tryouts for the 2022-23 Saugus Cheer Team have taken place and our teams have been selected. 

If you are interested in trying out for the
2023-24 school year, be sure to check our website frequently for new tryout information.

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Saugus High School Cheer

2022 - 2023 Tryout RESULTS

To view tryout results - CLICK HERE 

Congratulations to all who made the team.  First practice will be on on Monday, April 25th at 5 PM


Each year, Saugus Cheer holds a mandatory parent meeting.  The mandatory parent meeting is when all program information and tryout applications are handed out.  A parent or guardian MUST attend this meeting in order for a student to be able to tryout for Saugus Cheer. We understand that asking parents to attend a meeting prior to their student deciding whether they will tryout or not, is a departure from how most other sports hold their tryouts. However, a commitment to Saugus Cheer should not be taken lightly. It is important for parents and students to hear and understand the commitment and expectations prior to their child deciding to tryout. A commitment to Saugus Cheer is not just an individual is a family commitment.

Saugus Cheer is a year-round program and the participants that are selected to be a member of Saugus Cheer (after the entire tryout process) are expected to commit to making Saugus Cheer a priority. Saugus Cheer requires each team member to be present at every practice, game and event, in order for all students to fully participate in and benefit from the program.

Tumbling is an integral part of our program. Just as other sports may encourage additional coaching/training outside of their regular season of sport (off season), individuals on Saugus Cheer are encouraged to sign up for and take tumbling classes at an outside gym, to prepare for a potential spot on Saugus Cheer and/or to improve their skills while a member of Saugus Cheer.  Skills take a long time to perfect. It is never too early to start tumbling...whether to learn, maintain or advance an individual's tumbling skills.



We strongly suggest that, beginning in January of your child's 8th grade year, you continuously check the Saugus Cheer website and calendar for the mandatory Parent & Student meeting date

The entire application process begins with a parent, guardian or another responsible family member, attending the mandatory Parent & Student meeting.

Students transferring from another school/district or from out of state should contact the Cheer Advisor to discuss requirements for transfer students. 

Candace Rogers - Saugus Cheer Advisor/Head Coach

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