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Welcome to Saugus Cheer 2017-2018!!!



Mandatory to be completed by July 5th

  • If you haven’t already, log on and go through the Saugus Athletics Registration at    This is required of all Saugus athletes.  Simply click on the link & follow the directions.  If you have already registered in previous years, it will simply be verification of your information.


Mandatory to be completed by July 5th

  • A Sports Physical will need to be completed & submitted to Mr. Hallman, the Athletic Director before you can practice.  It must be done by a M.D., not a chiropractor.


Mandatory to be completed by July 5th

  • The Summer Athletic Fee needs to be paid to Saugus ASB Office as soon as possible.  The early bird registration is a reduced rate ($95 vs $120) & must be done by June 3rd. The ASB office will be open on Monday night so you can pay before the Booster Meeting.  The ASB office is in the first building on the left, when you walk in the front gate.  Go to the end of the building & go around the corner to the left and you'll find the office door.


Mandatory to be completed by July 5th


  • If you haven’t already done so, Sign Up as a member on which gives you access to the Member’s Only page. Simply click on the Sign Up link below the title of this page.  It may take a day or so to be approved, just keep checking.


  • On the bottom of this website’s Home page is a picture of a cell phone.  Click on it and it will walk you through having the cheer calendar loaded onto your phone, tablet &/or computer’s calendar.  You must be a member of the website to be able to load the calendar.


  • We have a Shutterfly photo site that everyone can access to upload or download pictures.  Please request to join  You will have access to all of the pictures that the Historian takes as well as any others taken by Saugus cheer family members!


  • At the Booster Meeting, make sure that the Roster has every parents’, guardian’s AND cheerleaders’ cell phone number and email that’s in your family.  It’s important that all parents and guardians are registered.  If you don’t have information or incorrect information on the Roster, please contact the Secretary to input it.


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